I Want to Open a “5 & 23” Store

I mentioned in the last post my idea of how to write PDFs and how it falls into Zak’s “how I want to know about your setting” post. Yet, it came from much more random ideas on my part.

The idea behind a “5 & 23” supplement is fairly simple. Take an idea: character generation, artifacts, the Hierarchy, whatever and create two sets of things. First, you create 5 of something about the idea. These five are longer items like an essay or other exposition text. For example, with character generation you could make an outline of character generation, an alignment chart with explanations, a brief set of common knowledge, and a couple of other things. Then you make 23 shorter things, like sets of random tables, on the same idea. A logical one for character generation would be 23 sets of Devil in the Details tables. These might have some exposition but the core idea is these are at the game table usable things. In fact, they should be laid out so the GM can print out the charts on one page, complete and alone, and just pick the one he needs out of his notebook. For example, you could hand the elf tables to the player creating an elf while the one creating a cleric could pick the Hierarchy one or The Cults of the 1,000 Saints One.

Why 5 and 23? Because they are sacred numbers to Discordians and I’ve discussed before how influential Discordianism is for me and the setting. Influential enough that when thinking about making a product or two Discordian numbers guiding the form of product.

I was discussing this in early March with someone. While I won’t claim independent creation it’s nice to know I was at least thinking along similar lines to people much smarter than me.

6 thoughts on “I Want to Open a “5 & 23” Store

  1. As both a mathematician and computer programmer I loves me some primes.

    That said, it's very adaptable. The only rules I can think of when setting numbers for this and that is:

    1. Not too much this.
    2. The 4:1 ratio on that to this is probably a good floor.
    3. I wouldn't go too far from 5 for this. Keep the this in single digits to avoid the blocks of text bloat.

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