A Pair of Random Thoughts

I’m not sure it’s the answer they wanted but a recent search that lead someone here: “where did people go in the 80s”.

Well, they did go and play D&D so it’s a valid answer.

Item the second is there is a lot of talk about how D&D in the 80s was a fad and we’ll never see it again. While I don’t disagree I think that concluding the hobby is doomed, Doomed, DOOMED because of it is false. Why?

This is one of the newest Meetups in Atlanta. Gee, didn’t that fad die over a decade before Dave and Gary first created our hobby?

2 thoughts on “A Pair of Random Thoughts

  1. Oh, I know you do Jeff…I just hang out at rpg.net too much sometimes.

    Besides, how often do you get to type “doomed, Doomed, DOOMED” unless you writing actual play reports from JRIV's group?

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