Inspirational Art: Hot Elf Chicks

For those getting the joke, yeah I’m late. I took a couple of weeks break from the D&D blogs. But, I figured I could still present various pictures of the Hot Elf Chick of all Hot Elf Chicks of The World After, Lilith, Mother of Elves.

For those of you going, “Hey, I goggled ‘hot elf chicks’ looking for some inspirational material and I’m getting stuff about some lame D&D world using artsy pictures, WTF?” let me explain.

This blog is connected to a large community of DIY oriented players of D&D and other roleplaying games. We are using a common bait and switch tactic: seeding terms we know people are searching to get people to visit our blogs who usually wouldn’t. We figure some of you either played games like D&D in the past but drifted away or might enjoy playing them with us

First up we have John Collier’s Lilith, which graced the post linked above. It is my favorite Lilith (obviously I would think) and one I consider highly erotic. You might not consider it “hot” in the primitive boner creating sense that seems to be the limit of 21st century male thinking on the Internet but I encourage you to move beyond that and imagine the sensual and sexual avenues this woman would open to you.

Next up is Dante Gabriel Rossetti who had a habit of painting the same woman from the same model (yet who looked nothing like the model). His Lilith is colder and more reserved than Collier’s Lilith. Given in The World After elves are the children of primal chaos the abandon and destructive sensuality of Collier is a much better match than the ice queen of Rossetti.

Next we have some more modern Lilith images. The first incorporates direct dragonic features into Lilith herself while the second maintains the serpent entwining nature we see in Collier.

Finally, we’ll finish with Vallejo’s Lilith.

One thing this post has got me wondering, I choose Lilith as the Mother of Elves for the World After without considering the strong draconic/serpent imagery. That said, the Marvel Weird World materials which inspired the elves without memory show one elf born fully adult from an egg in the skeleton of a dead serpent. Perhaps there is a strong connection there.

Finally, some links to learn more about the OSR:

THE Place to go to learn about the history and ethos of early D&D is Grognardia.

If you lost those old D&D books there are a variety of clones: Basic Fantasy Roleplaying, Labyrinth Lord, Swords & Wizardry, and OSRIC.

My favorite producer of new material is Lamentations of the Flame Princes who also produce their own D&D clone which is my rule set of choice.

Finally, if you want hot chicks and D&D how can you beat Playing D&D with Porn Stars.

If that’s got you interested, check the blog roll and the Old School RPG Magazine and Fanzine page for more.

3 thoughts on “Inspirational Art: Hot Elf Chicks

  1. I think most consumers of modern porn are dead inside.

    I'm reminded of a comment Maggie Gyllenhaal made in an interview about the movie Secretary. In prepping for the film she rented some S&M porn and one thing jumped out at her. Compared to regular porn the woman had eyes that weren't dead. I think she's write as I wrote long ago on LJ. Most modern porn actresses have the eyes of Titian's Europa, lifeless and gone.

    Contrast them with Collier's Lilith…she can seduce you…she might steal your soul but her more traditional role as mother of the succubi is apparent. It's just not in a way someone whose entire erotic vocabulary consists of airbrushed Playmates and pound and cum videos will easily see.

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