The Alternate Thursday Campaign: Initial notes

So, I’ve been wanting to get a second game going. And a third and maybe a fourth.

Insane I know, but let’s start with game two to begin with. Besides, in both The Complete Book of Wargames (A Fireside book) and article about D&D for Games Magazine Jon Freeman noted many people he played with played most days of the week. And yes, they were adults (this was the late 70s).

So, the bullet points:

  • The genre is comic book space opera. Think Jack Kirby, Legion of Superheroes, Doc Smith, Robotech, and The War in Space.
  • This is to be a Palladium based lego game. You need approval before hand but in general you can pick any race class from a Palladium book. I’d like to see the focus be on Heroes Unlimited, Splicers, Phase World, and System Failure. They’re also where you’ll least likely to get kick back. If you want to be Space Navy, look at the Robotech stuff because I will. We’ll just re-skin it.
  • Don’t worry about balance…this is classic OSR gonzo where balance is something you make, not something baked into the characters.
  • This is comic book space opera. That means you can pick magical characters as well as science fiction ones and superheroes.
  • This isn’t Star Wars. In fact, that’s a direction I decidedly don’t want to go.
  • I’ve just gotten both collected volumes of Jack Kirby’s Eternals. You have been warned.

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