Inspiration Art: A Link

Today I’m mostly posting a link for inspirational art because work has been busy. However, the art in question does have me thinking about OSR and what my old school gaming memories are. I’d like to say it will inspire a post but we know how good I am with follow-through.

Wanted, Classic 70s Sci-Fi Posters

However, I am going to post one of his images:

This image, more than any other on the page, screams out what science fiction and fantasy were about for me at the time I discovered D&D. They weren’t really separate and were mixed up with Yes and similar album covers, the kind of shows discussed at Space: 1970 (which is what pointed me to the poster site). It’s the same frision I still get from Palladium Books stuff and listening to Nightwish. It’s something I often try to capture. In fact The World After has huge dollops of it and part of the problems that campaign world has is trying to synthesize that with more serious elements.

2 thoughts on “Inspiration Art: A Link

  1. Blast from the Past.

    IIRC, the first time I saw this painting was in a book titled “Settlers in Space: The Fight for Survival on Distant Worlds” by Stephen Caldwell (

    Apparently, Caldwell (real name: Stewart Cowley) had done a whole series of books about the Terran Trade Authority, a near-future chronicle of man's stellar expansion. Really cool ideas for a space opera campaign–I'm surprised (or at least, I cannot confirm) that no one picked it up as an RPG setting.

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