Monday Pointers: President’s Day

D4: 101 Days of Ersatz D&D
Maybe a slightly unfair thread name, but it works. For those who aren’t familiar with, for a while a popular thread was “101 Days of X” where someone, in order to combat gamer ADD, decided they would only read/play/run/etc a given system for 101 days. The latest covers Palladium Fantasy. I have briefly discussed an older Palladium game, The Mechanoids before. I love Palladium’s stuff and although the system used to get me very wound up one side effect of being in the OSR is caring about that a bit less. It was one of the two systems featured in RPG Legos and the little discussed Dark Etiquette RPG has its roots in my efforts to “fix” Rifts.

D6:Choosing which class to be is for sissies… changelings roll for it.
Jeff Rients gives us an interesting take on changelings for OD&D type games complete with random class progression.

D8:For Extra Pages
Erin is back at THe Welsh Piper with a new edition of Basic Chimera close to being out. I’m glad his sabbatical was only January and part of February in length. I’m also excited about a new Basic Chimera as it’s one of two games I’m looking at for an actual campaign in a very changed The Demon Haunted Wordl.

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