Could you build a D20 Basic/Expert/Companion?

This is a serious question:

Can you write a version of D20 that covers levels 1-3 and includes all you need to play the classic races (dwarf,elf,halfing,human) and classes (cleric,fighter,rouge,wizard) and fit it in 64 pages?

6 thoughts on “Could you build a D20 Basic/Expert/Companion?

  1. The odd thing about 3E is, it's a game with a fair amount of crunch and players options, built on a very simple core mechanic. So I want to say yes, except I haven't actually done the work to prove it. I think if you did, you'd end up with something similar to Castles and Crusades, just without the primes and the try for an AD&D feel. And the C&C quickstart is shorter still.

  2. Well, things you could cut down for just basic:

    The number of feats by removing ones with multiple re-requisites.

    Multi-classing rules completely.

    We're already losing multiple classes and races.

    Monsters and magic are cut down to duplicate the Basic list with maybe some filler for Product Identity items.

    Maybe I'll do some basic cut and paste from the SRD website and see.

  3. Here in Brazil we had something like that, was called, “First Adventure” and was a simplification, like “First Quest”.

    The book has 3 basic classes (Magic-User, Combatant and Specialist), aplying diferent Talents you could create the Paladin, Monk, Sorerer anda others.

    You can (legaly) donwload it here:

    It didn't work, because, people prefer the complete rules.

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