The World After: Cults of the Thousand Saints

While The Hierarchy is the most numerous sponsor of clerics many local or regional faiths have their own divine miracle workers. Collectively known as the Cults of the Thousand Saints each is sponsored by a semi-historical figure, all but a handful dating from after The Harrowing.

The Saints spread across the moral and social dimensions of their concern they do have one similarity with The Hierarchy, a dedication to order.

Many Members of the Cults (Roll a d20 three times)
1 Are trained in the scientific healing arts
2 Engage in ecstatic dance as part of worship
3 Are fascinated with the Children of Order
4 Are members of a mystery cult
5 Are fascinated with Elves
6 Follow multiple saints
7 Have no home temple
8 Are not members of formal organization of their saint
9 Are formally trained in a performing art
10 Serve all others before eating at meals
11 Have a vow to visit the Seven Sites of the Holy
12 Are completely shaved head to toe
13 Sew their holy sign onto the jacket’s breast
14 Wear a hood instead of a hat
15 Are authorized to lead Hierarchy services
16 Are owned a favor some towns beggars or thieves
17 Are trained as fishermen
18 Are trained as sailors
19 Will take a lashing for a criminal as an act of faith
20 Are left handed for religious reasons

Some Members of the Cults (Roll a d16)
1 Publish their letters
2 Have taken vows of poverty
3 Use ritual nudity
4 Have taken vows of chastity
5 Reject the use of range weapons in war or hunting
6 Are vegetarian
7 Eat no grain
8 Never cut their hair
9 Do not bathe except on holy days
10 Wear only one color
11 Use only wooden implements
12 Only dwell or live among the poor
13 Have brands of their order
14 Only eat kosher foods
15 May not bear their arms or legs
16 May not touch the skin of strangers

Common Traveling Gear(Roll a d16 1d3 times prior to spending starting gold)
1 A copy of the Blessed Blue Book of Holmes the Physician
2 A copy of the Fifth Tretise of Danforth the Colorful
3 A musical instrument
4 A wooden holy symbol
5 Kosher salt
6 Pen, ink, parchment, wax, and a personal seal
7 Basic surgical tools
8 The Travels of St. Miller
9 Fishing rod and tackle or casting net
10 One each of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet candles
11 A spy glass
12 A ritual scurge
13 Prayer beads
14 The Annals of Hunt the Ancient Redeemer
15 The Dark Visions of Hite the Mad
16 Three kinds of incense and small censor

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