The World After: Sirens and Salamanders; Dwarves and Djinn

While elves in The World After are the partially amnesiac and somewhat primative children of Creative Chaos dwarves are one of the expressions of Creative Order. They emerged in the same time period that the elves started to appear. The first human sighting of a dwarf was recorded about 350 years ago while the first elves were sighted between a half century and a century earlier.

Dwarves, however, are only one of four expressions of Creative Order in the Harrowed World. The others are Djinn, Sirens, and Salamanders. Each is tied to one of the fundamental elements of Creation. Dwarves and Djinn, the male incarnations, are tied to earth and air respectively. The female incarnations, Sirens and Salamanders, embodiy water and fire.

In game terms, I’d like to offer all four as discrete classes but only have details about dwarves at this time. I’m trying to figure out what the corresponding abilities for the other three elements would be to classic D&D dwarven abilities. For that reason I doubt I’ll allow dwarves as initial player characters.

That said, I am creating pre-gens for a one shot at the February D&D Meetup where I’ll be running Tower of the Stargazer using LotFP. I suspect people will want to see dwarves and will probably include at least one.

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