Inspirational Art: A Random Snippet from Wikipedia

Okay, so I’m getting far afield from art, but the name has been around for the Wednesday inspirations post and we’ll keep it.

It has been said that had Byron lived and gone on to defeat the Ottomans, he might have been declared King of Greece. However, this is unlikely. Unlikely, perhaps, but a great jumping off point for a campaign in the 1830s in Eastern Europe, which was recently noted is a good, untapped time (and would match LotFP well).

4 thoughts on “Inspirational Art: A Random Snippet from Wikipedia

  1. @Tim: I'll have to check GoA closer. I'll admit I got harsh on the one episode I watched for a silly reason and never went back. Especially after I couldn't get into Amber's novel.

  2. I like Unisystem but I'll admit I'm a bit in the “just give us a core book already” mindset.

    Given I already have Witchcraft, AFMBE, Terra Primate, Buffy, and Angel is there a lot new for me to steal?

    I ask because I had one failed Unisystem game (the Crowned Heads of Europe idea) and one still born (Magical Jane, a Regency era secret occult game). I GoA would offer a lot for that I'd be very interested.

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