You mean I can make all my games..

one world.

A rough timeline connecting my ideas for a Chest of Wonders boxed set (which would include Plunderers of Troy, with my Greek Tragedy Space Game thanks to re-watching Michael Wood’s In Search of the Trojan War

1250 BC: The Trojan War

2012 AD: The Expiration of the Seal bringing in the Demon Haunted World

2100 AD: First Generation ships leave Earth

2243 AD/0 SA: The first warp drive star created at Knossos

58 SA – 133 SA: The War of the First Empire

63 SA: First Empire declared at Knossos

315 SA: First appearance of the Monastics from Forgotten Earth

407 SA: Succession of the Willusa Cluster

411 SA: Succession of the Myonee Cluster

413 SA-444 SA: War of the Three Families

434 SA: Collapse of Imperial Power on Knossos, Imperial Throne moved to Argos

451 SA: Establishment of the Empire of Willusa with its capitol at Illium

517 SA-527SA: Willusa War

527 SA: Destruction of Illium by Imperial Forces

528 SA: The Chamber War among the Imperial family

530 SA: The False Emperor Aegisthus killed by Orestes, flight of Pylades and Electra beyond known space.

1533 SA: The First of the Clans re-emerge on the fringe of Imperial space, beginning the Second Age of Heroes

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