Starting away from the Megadungeon

Watching the beginning video in the prior post, I have a question for mega-dungeon fans.

Have you considered starting away from it and letting the players learn about and discover it as part of play?

3 thoughts on “Starting away from the Megadungeon

  1. Yes. My last long running campaign was going for months before the players discovered the first megadungeon.

    My current game has been going for a few months now and the players managed to locate the megadungeon and then ran the heck away. They'll be back as they are getting treasure hungry as they've cleaned out a lot of the smaller lair size dungeons and solo encounters with loot.

  2. Almost always, for nearly 2 decades now. I start out with a bunch of side-trek, mini-scenarios in succession to get the PCs familiar with the setting. By the time they reach 2nd-level or so, they start to gravitate toward certain places/missions, one of which may be a megadungeon (but not always).

  3. I'm a megadungeon fan, but my love goes unrequited. In my current game the party has found, poked their heads into and then ignored 2 dungeons that I would have gladly developed into megadungeons. They did this to pursue other goals. I guess that puts us squarely in the sandbox camp.

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