Artistic Inspiration: Nemo/The Cave

In searching for an inspiration to post about today I was amazed I haven’t posted this music video yet.

In the player handout first campaign in the World After I said:

A random selection of inspirations for the game: The novels Black Easter and The Day After Judgement> by James Blish (a few years ago available as The Devil’s Day in a single volume). The Nightwish album Once and the Within Temptation album Mother Earth. Memories of many Tunnels and Trolls sessions in the early 80s. Three on-going urban fantasy book series one of which is Carrie Vaughn’s Kitty novels and the others would be telling. Ken Hite’s GURPS Cabal and many columns from Supressed Transmission. The movies Heavy Metal and The Warriors of the Apocalypse (oh, and a tiny touch of Night of the Comet…well, not really but if you’re renting bad movies to get ready for the game it’s a classic). The various Horseclans books. The full range of D&D (not AD&D, which 3rd and 4th edition continue without the A), Judges Guild, Arduin Grimoire, and modern simulacrum games designed to fit the 80s vibe., The World of Thool (and it’s predecessor Wilderlands of OD&D), Grognardia, Lair of the Flame Princes, Monsters & Manuals, Philotomy’s OD&D Musings, The Society of Torch, Pole, and Rope, and

While some of those have fallen by the side others have remained constant. The Blish books have clearly remained as does one of the urban fantasy series, The Dresden Files. Ken Hite’s work is seminal in making my interests gel and are included. Most of the others have not.

However, this video is very specifically what I was referring to about Nightwish. This isn’t the official video but includes scenes from the movie The Cave. I’ve never seen the movie but the video influenced my initial ideas for a mega-dungeon. I later abandoned them but they have come back full bore for Santuario Nero. The idea of a hidden complex with monsters sealed over by an abandoned monastery fits the World After very well.

One thought on “Artistic Inspiration: Nemo/The Cave

  1. Excellent video…I seem to have looped it. That's the problem with the internet, there is so much good stuff out here I keep missing things.

    Thanks for turning me on to this. My own current work is an apocalyptic snow bound setting in a tech fantasy world. This just pinned down what I've been trying to explain to the wife about this campaign-maybe now she will see it 🙂

    Thanks again…

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