Flood Relief Package

DrivethroughRPG follows last year’s Haiti relief bundle with a Pakistan Flood Bundle.

What jumps out at me are:

Hot War: I’ve long wanted this narrow, indie game about a post WWIII London, where WWIII included Nazi mystical WMD as well as nukes. It’s bleak and ugly and just the thing I want.

Starblazer Adventures: “Traveller” for the Fate system, a broad sci-fi game drawing from the British comic of the same name. It might just provide the implied setting that allows “You play Luke Skywalker, I’ll play Captain Kirk, and we’ll fight the Cylons on Arrakis”

Don’t Rest Your Head: Not being able to sleep means knowing the Truth. Knowing the Truth means things can eat you in your sleep. Insomnia is its own punishment as you use exhaustion to fuel you ability to keep the real nightmares away.

Dhanurvidya & Varman: The Arms and Armor of India: India is, to my mind, an underused inspiration for gaming so seeing a product featuring it always makes me happy.

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