Monday Pointers: Unemployed Edition

D4:Starting Like a Kid with a Sears Catalog
Scott at Huge Ruined Pile suggests building a campaign like you just had the Moldvay Basic set and addiing the Cook Expert set when someone reaches level four. I’ll discuss changing this to a more recent boxed set later this week.

D6:But What if I Added Harry Dresden and Dr. Who, then where are we
I’m actually linking to a comment, not a post but riffing on Jeff Rient’s excellent description of D&D: “You play Conan, I play Gandalf. We team up to fight Dracula.” in describing what a true sci-fi game in that vein would be: “Luke Skywalker and Spock team up to fight Cylons.” James Mal would add “on Arrakis” and change Spock to Kirk but either way it is a goal worth shooting for if I ever get back to Space Monks.

D8:What Fits in a Session
A new blog gets to Monday Pointers: Telecaster’s Receding Rule has a great little bit about dungeon design and what will fit in a session. Although I’ve been playing (and DMing) a long time my dungeons aren’t the greatest. So I love collecting bits and pieces to help me get better.

D13:Yep, I’m Looking for Work
As the title says I’m out of work. My employer had large layoffs the first of September and that accounts in part for my absence for September. I have another month of severance and good leads.

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