Monday Pointers: August 16, 2010, the back from vacation edition

D4:Artifact, My Artifact
Jeff takes a new look at magic items in D&D by getting rid of all the charts in the DMG except the artifact table. Coming out about the same time I got my copy of LotFP Weird Fantasy Roleplaying I think this is one of those ideas where the OSR can be the road not taken. A campaign without any generic magic items, but specifically placed weapons with background, strange powers, and consequences is an idea worth exploring.

D6:Trolls on the Odyssey: A Podcast
Listen to the gamemaster and player of a very interesting one person campaign in the old school style. I’m generally not a podcast person, but I enjoyed this. While I realize GenCon spawned it and is the primary subject (or at least frame) I’m hoping this will become an irregular occurance.

D8:New Cover Art
The Metal Earth has new cover art. The most important part of that is it means The Metal Earth is back from summer hiatus.

D10:The Pyrologist Transcribed
A “lost” OD&D subclass of the MU, the Pyrologist appeared in a fanzine edited by Len Lakofka in the 1970s and was written by Gary himself. Now it has been transcribed for the web.

2 thoughts on “Monday Pointers: August 16, 2010, the back from vacation edition

  1. Thanks for the words about the podcast. 🙂 Or whatever. Is it officially a podcast if it's not set up so you can subscribe to it? I have no idea how that all works.

    Anyway. We enjoyed making this one, so if people enjoyed it then I wouldn't be surprised to see another one somewhere along down the line.

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