Monday Pointers: August 2, 2010 Edition

D4:The price of being popular
Great thoughts from The Sorcerer’s Skull about the affect comics being mainstreamed again has had on comics.

D6:All you need is a couple of XP and a lucky die
This is a very interesting idea from Lord Kilgore: roll to advance. It takes an idea that gained traction in the mid to late 80s: that just being in a session should be worth a fixed amount of XP (although the first time I saw it was in SPI’s Dragonquest when it raised more than a few reviewers’ eyebrows). Lord Kilgore combines that with a die roll (if you’re not rolling for it it can’t be old school 🙂 ) to make advancement semi-random while lowering book-keeping.

D8:Sometimes food poisoning just makes you sick
ChicagoWiz takes on one of my least favorite parts of D&D, especially older version: save or die poisons. Take special note of his cool ideas both in the post and comments.

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