Two Years

Today marks two years since my first post, on literary influences on my gaming. The immediate impetus to begin was a post on media influences by James Raggi. At that time I had been reading a handful of old school blogs, principally Lamentations of the Flame Princes, Grognardia, and the now gone Wilderlands/OD&D blog by HUGE RUINED PILE’s Scott.

Excluding this post there have been 179 entries. I didn’t start using any tracking software until November 30, 2009 when I added Google Analytics which has run except for one day when I broke it while changing templates. As I write I’ve had 18,063 page views over 12,932 visits.

Top five popular posts:

  1. Miss Manners Wouldn’t Play D&D with 666 page views. This should surprise no one.
  2. Inspirational Art: Ken Kelly with 629 page views. This post almost always has at least one view a day and will probably over take the Miss Manners post by year’s end.
  3. An Adult Hobby Now? with 477 page views. This is quite a surprise for an off the cuff post.
  4. Not A Golden Age But A Gilded Agewith 315 page views.
  5. The Current TARGA BS with 252 page views. Scandal always sells.

Top five traffic sources:

  1. Feedburner
  2. Direct (no link)
  3. Lamentations of the Flame Princess (I’m big in Finland!)
  4. Jeff’s Gamesblog
  5. Grognardia

Here’s hoping you’ll still be here in another two years and here’s hoping I have more than doubled the number of useful posts as well as improved the signal to noise ratio.

5 thoughts on “Two Years

  1. Scott, Srith, and Trey, thank you all.

    I plan on being here for a while. And I'm sure Srith's misadventures in the Dresdenverse will start showing up this fall.

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