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Last night while helping grout ceramic tile for a friend I came up with some ideas for the a Barony Generation system for Wanderer Book 3. Apparently that mock-up got lots of people back in the day.

I also have figured out a solution to my pathways problem, at least in terms of why the dimension warping nature of Santuario Nero isn’t routinely used over more mundane travel.

Scott’s DVDs look very cool, but I wonder about the legality. Still, following his link there is a lot I’d like to get…beyond the Warren horror one of the Gold Key disks has plenty, although not all, of Magnus, Robot Fighter who was my favorite thing to read at the barber shop as a kid. I bought them when I saw them, which was rarely.

While I’m recruiting for the new City State of the Apocalypse campaign I’m still trying to decide on a rules set, most specifically house rules. I really want to try something very minimal to allow organic growth a la Dwimmermount the urge to play around is hard. One thing I’ve given some thought is semi-3.x saving throws. Instead of building my own chart or importing others to the one type saving throw of S&W I thought of dividing up saving throws by attribute (I already know I’ll be adopting a B/X style bonus for my game). While level will still be the main factor in saving throws this should also create a stronger class flavor: in general fighters will save in tests of strength while magic-users will in test of intellect.

The other thing I’d really like to get into the game are constitution and charisma prime attribute classes. I have no idea on the former and the later easily defaults to bard so it can’t be that. I think the best bet is to go through my source material and find outstandingly hardy and inspiring characters to build the classes from.

As I’ve been filling in the Random List I’ve thought of posting updates. However, that seems a bit much. Is there any interest in a separate page for Appendix N: City States of the Apocalypse?

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  1. You might be interested in checking out the World of Onn Core Rules or Supplement I. He's implemented a 3.x-like system of Saving Throws in his S&W variant. I think you'll find the stuff in there well work checking out.

    In regards to CON and CHA classes, I'd suggest an Aristocrat or Warlord as your CHA class, and an Outlander, Ranger or Barbarian as a CON class.

    Just a thought, anyway,

  2. I hadn't even thought about the legality of the scans, which is unusual for me as I'm pretty solicitous of other people's IP rights. I guess I assumed they'd cleared it, which is obviously a dangerous assumption. However, since this is a birthday present from The Girl, I think I'll risk the slide into Chaotic Evil this once.

  3. @Roger: I am doing race as class, but I'd like to see humans have a class in each of the six. Militant or Paladin or something similar from the Hierarchy is a probable addition to cover CHA. As for CON, we'll see.

    @Flynn: Thanks for the pointer. I think I vaguely looked at it a while back. I look up the Majestic Wilderlands and his rouges do include a CHA based one: the merchant.

    @Scott: Just at add to it, I saw two collected hardback volumes of Eerie published by Dark Horse. However, on gifts I think “don't ask, don't tell” is a good policy. I also found out Valiant did Magnus reprints and Jim Shooter's relaunch extended the original story line. Also, their Gold Key is limited because the later issues were all reprints.

    Of course, all this Magnus discussion is bad as it causes me to have to fight a problem I share with you: setting ADD. No sooner than I really get groving on CSotA than Fantasy Nouveau starts to tap on my shoulder. Now a Mutant Future game built on a foundation of Magnus comics is starting to whisper in my ear.

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