The World After: A Bit More On Elves

This post is an addition to CSotA: Elves.

The thing most people in the World After (how people in the City States tend to refer to their entire world) ask about elves is where the elves came from.

No one wants to know this more than the elves themselves. All elves appear in the world as adults with no clear memory of life before. The location and time of their appearance seem to be random, at least to date no scholar, elf or human (not even the famed Parkin of the Still Pastures), has found a pattern to their appearance. No elf in the World After has born or fathered a child, despite two clear and obvious genders.

In general elves know three things about elves when they appear in the world. They know they come from the forgotten island of Rutas. They know they can, in fact, have children both among themselves and with humans or at least could in the past. Finally, they know they are the children of creative chaos. The last causes no end of problems with The Hierarchy.

Note on the Cleric posts: For those who saw the autoposted entries on cleric they will appear this week. I didn’t realize how rusty my creativity is, but trying to write Devil’s in the Details charts is tough. They pack an amazing amount of world design into a small space and aren’t easily grooved creativity. The only thing harder for me is dungeon set pieces.

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