Monday Pointers: July 26, 2010

D4:Weird Adventures
Trey at The Sorcerer’s Skull has announced his blog posts about The City will become a setting product for Classic D&D style games. I have to love the cover which is a brilliant homage to both the original PHB and classic pulps such as Weird Tales. I am bit surprised no pulp classes will be added, but it is just a setting not a full game.

D6:In my world drunken masters use the number of drinks so far this session
An old post, from last year, but one I just read. The idea of kung fu numbers reminds me a bit of cherries in Unknown Armies and are exactly the kind of low rules, low impact thing I’ve come to love in games. I don’t need pages of rules to do cool stuff, just an imagination trigger. Like random tables, one that springs surprises on you tends to work best.

D8:Speaking of more combat crunch
The comments on the above link lead me to this post over at Sham’s Grog and Blog that introduces 15 modules (plug-ins) that can add options to your D&D combat. What’s interesting is you could probably mix up which ones you use when to get the right feel for a given combat.

2 thoughts on “Monday Pointers: July 26, 2010

  1. Thanks for the mention of Weird Adventures, Herb! Rest assured, I do plan to do some pulpy classes/class variants, but those will appear on my blog and then maybe get collected and expanded in a publication.

    I'm taking the sort of original Talislanta approach of giving the setting, which can be used with any system anyone might which, and system stuff separate.

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