Return to the City States

If you look at the reading box to the left I’m reading James Blish’s The Devil’s Day. I wrote about it setting inspiration early in this blog. I hadn’t read it in years when I wrote that. However, it would inspire my short lived LL campaign from last year.

That I am reading it is distinctly related to that game, sitting down and reading all of James M’s Dwimmermount posts, and this morning’s random list.

Fall is coming which is campaign starting season around here and I want to run two or three things (life? what’s that?) and one is Tunnels & Trolls. I think T&T has great potential as the core game for a game firmly in the old school and it answers most of my complaints about D&D.

So, I’m returning to the City States, but with several differences. I had an original megadungeon idea that I didn’t run with and will this time. The setting won’t be near the White City, although I won’t eliminate it either. It will be closer to a location currently called Verteidigung, which is the megadungeon. That’s over a thousand miles from the White City.

I also picked up four PDFs yesterday which I hope to use: The Dungeon Alphabet, Random Esoteric Creature Generator for Classic Fantasy Role-Playing Games and their Modern Simulacra, and both volumes of Mythmere’s Adventure Design Deskbook. Look for reviews as I actually put them through their paces.

I’ll be using T&T both because I like it more and certain assumptions in it work better with my ideas than D&D. Specifically I’ll be using a mildly house ruled 7.5 (mainly toning down the characteristic growth rate) and I’m sure rules will evolve during play assuming I find players.

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