A Random List of Things For a D&D World

If I wanted to create a minimal D&D world designed for discovery through play a here’s a random list of things I’d want to have/create:

  • An 80 page spiral notebook with letter tabs with the following page counts for each letter tied to first letter frequency in English (combining J-K, P-Q, X-Z) for a glossary to fill in during play.
  • Ten random pre-80s comic books on any theme
  • A Horseclans or similar 80s pulp fantasy novel
  • One old school rules set from D&D (up to 2e), T&T, the retro-clones, and EPT….the shorter the better.
  • One each of pre-100 The Dragon, Knockspell/Fight On!
  • A list of languages
  • A list of names, male and female, for two cultures.
  • Two levels of a mega-dungeon
  • Three unique monsters
  • A villain one step ahead of the character
  • A rival party of adventurers (unless I knew I’d have two groups)
  • A legend of ancient Rutas or treasure that references forgotten Rutas
  • A brief history of the current age 8751 words in length (give or take)

4 thoughts on “A Random List of Things For a D&D World

  1. I'll freely admit part of this comes from the fact that during back to school two years ago WalMart had 70 sheet spiral notebooks for a nickel each.

    I bought six cases.

  2. Rutas is a lost continent described on Sanskrit translations by Louis Jacolliot. Apparently the translations aren't very good, but he apparently influenced Madame Blavatsky and her ideas about Lemuria.

    I first encountered it in constructing a character for a Mage: the Awakening game a year and a half ago. My character was a DJ/producer styled on the KLF who were initially known as the Justified Ancients of Mu Mu (also known as the JAMMs). He did dance music, dressed like Crowley, and styled himself “The Last Initiate of Forgotten Rutas”. If you are familiar with M:tAw I'm sure you can see how this influenced this character's view about magic.

    Since then, what little work I've done on electronic music of my own has been under the name the same stage name.

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