Thank You for the Inspiration…

The best part of the OSR/Old School Blogs/that weird name Timeshadows gave it/This thing we do (oops, wrong group of grown ups) is how it has expanded my vision.

Things like Jeff Reints quote about “You play Conan, I play Gandalf. We team up to fight Dracula.”, the Ken St. Andre saying “my conception of the T&T world was based on The Lord of The Rings as it would have been done by Marvel Comics in 1974 with Conan, Elric, the Gray Mouser and a host of badguys thrown in” (which I found via the OSR), the two James challenging me (one with history and the other by being the most metal dude in the hobby), Chgowiz having the ultimate just play attitude, Chgowiz and Jeff creating dawn of history games, Greyhawk Grognard’s neo-second edition, taichara’s wonderful imagination, Zak’s more gonzo than Palladium game, Aos’s Metal Earth (the game on the web I most wish I was in), Scott’s crazy inventive setting ADD, Michael’s work that begins (but does not end with) with the alphabet, trollsmyth’s wanderings (especially with Oddysey onboard), Randall’s micro games and meanderings, and tons more…

As I result I’ve read old comics, tried a ton of exercises, tried to design a mega-dungeon, played more old D&D than I had in 20 years, listened to new music, read new authors, been inspired to write, and more than anything remember why I loved this hobby.

There has been a recent pissing war over the OSR vs. those remaining from the golden age. Whatever, they are missing a crucial point: me and the lesser lights like me have the grand opportunity to stand not only on the shoulders of giants to see far, but among the giants those of tomorrow will stand upon to see farther still.

So, to everyone listed above plus

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