The Quest for Monday Pointers: July 12, 2010

D4:Old School Gaming in the Digital Underground
Chgowiz (you did know he was back, right) find the heart of the OSR in The Humpty Dance. Who says we’re a niche.

D6:Getting Metal in Your Game
Meanwhile the OSR’s official Metalhead lays down his formula for making D&D metal. I’m looking to make the Friday of my fall of insanity a D&D Essentials game that I wanted to be metal. I’ll be adopting some of Jim’s idea with the struggle for heroes to be not to fall to that fate but instead become the fallen heroes of the next generation’s legends. If I make it to level 21 doomed Epic destinies only.

D8:Shakespeare Was Willing to Kill PCs
Meanwhile Zak goes all high art with a post about how character death is good. In fact, it’s a plot hook to top all other plot hooks.

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