Monday Pointers: May 24, 2010 Edition

D4:Mandrake Goblins
Last week I described the return of Scott Driver as the best blogging news of the year. His new setting blog, Mandragora, has the same wonderfully non-stock gaming fantasy ever. I figured highlighting his first creature description would give people a chance to really see why I’m so happy about this.

D6:My Character’s So Called Life
Meanwhile, in the Valley of the Blue Snails, we have a traumatic adolescent background generator which is itself a follow-up up the traumatic childhood background generator. The later has a very funny sex determination method. As a fan of life path generation I’m always happy to add a new set to the collection. Actually, the tone of these might fit very well in a fairy tale setting like Mandragora.

D8:Riding the Rails to the Great Sandbox
I wasn’t sure about including this as I doubt I have any reader’s Zak doesn’t and it is a tad old. That said, he deleted his great weird vs. noir post that I wanted to include so I figured including this would given me an excuse to point out the missing one anyway. That said, Zak’s explanation of campaign styles is both the kind of theory you’d expect over at The Forge while at the same time actually being useful for creating and running your game this Friday.

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