Note on “What I’m Reading”

As I’m sure you’ve noticed I have a “What I’m Reading” sidebar with links to the books at Powell’s (yes, I’m in their partner program).

Traditionally I’ve only listed fiction that would seem to have a gaming bent there, but that’s far from all I read.

Today I decided to add the non-fiction book I’m reading right now, Seth Godin’s Linchpin. The reason is much of the book is about work that is also art. Godin defines art as a personal gift that changes the receiver. While I’m not 100% happy with that definition it, and much of Godin’s discussion, applies to roleplaying games in my mind.

This blog actually has an elevator pitch. The one line version is the subtitle above:
Championing tabletop role-playing games as the most accessible form of public creativity and self-expression.

A book about art and connection and creativity is certainly one that fits that pitch. I tend to read books about creativity, self-expression, and art. From now on I’ll consider them fodder not only for Dark Etiquette but this blog as well. That includes adding them to “What I’m Reading”.

I promise not to subject you to my computer and mathematics reading, however.

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