Monday Pointers: April 19, 2010

D4:You at least know the plucky recruit is from Brooklyn
Eric at The Mule Abides explains why the meme “Old School D&D is a heist movie” is only half right and how the big picture is it is a war movie. Along the way he argues this demonstrates that instead of not naming your character until he levels because of the fatality rate you’re better off adding those points that make us cringe when Brooklyn buys it 15 minutes in.

D6:You know the OSR has made it when we have a theory
Swords of Athanor has the beginnings of a descriptive theory. We’re joining The Forge now guys, but at least our flamewars involve porn stars. On a more serious note, I think this theory has some good stuff and it certain meshes with my thinking on the nature of rpgs as accessible, group creative expression.

D8:Art That Screams “You Wish You Were in this Campaign”
Aos of The Metal Earth has an art post that introduces his new title art. That title art alone makes me wish I was one of his players (more than I already do). Given how often he gets into the Monday Pointers I’m going to say you should just read the whole blog. It’s a great example of the range of old school play which most people ignore.

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