Mentzer Dungeon: Introduction

This week I pulled the trigger on BCS Redbox and BCS Rebox Meetup. Our first meeting will be Sunday the 17th of April.

I don’t have anyone signed up but me. As such, I need to be ready to run something. While I have a ton of modules and such I thought, “since we’re playing Mentzer why not build a dungeon by the book.”

So, over the next week I’m going to try and pretend I’ve never done this before and design a dungeon step by step with random stocking of most rooms and all the other hallmarks of Mentzer’s procedure. For those wonder, the outline isn’t much different from Moldavy’s outline but the text is somewhat different.

For those who don’t have Mentzer handy the steps are:

  1. Choose a Scenario
  2. Decide on a Setting
  3. Select Special Monsters
  4. Draw the Map
  5. Stock the Dungeon
  6. Fill in the Final Details

My goal in this is two fold. First, I’d like to get back to basics and see if I can rediscover things I’ve forgotten, both in process and in response. Second, I’m hoping these posts will inspire those, especially those who have never designed a dungeon, to take the leap.

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