Comparative Dungeon Design: Introduction

My favorite programming language is Perl. If the Perl community has a motto it is “There is more than one way to do it.”

Mentzer Dungeon is one way to do it. Can we take the same seed materials and build the “same” adventure in Fourth Edition? I don’t know, but why don’t we try. While this might better be done after the new red box comes out I’m writing my Mentzer dungeon over the next week so that’s not an option.

Fourth Edition’s DMG does provide an outline to create an adventure on page 100. While I’ll be following Mentzer I’ll related each step in this series to its DMG4 equivalent.

For comparison, here is the 4E Components of an Adventure list:

  • Structure
    • How does the adventure start and end?
    • What happens in between?
  • Quests
    • What is the situation?
    • What lead up to the situation?
    • Does solving the situation require going somewhere?
    • Does solving the situation require responding to events?
    • Why do the PCs care?
    • What are the PCs’ goals?
  • Setting
    • Where is the situation taking place?
    • What is this setting’s original purpose?
    • What is the setting used for now?
    • What kind of terrain and locations can you find there?
    • What’s interesting and dangerous there besides monsters?
    • How do you build an event-based 

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