Take that William Shatner

There is a thread over at RPG.net Star Trek crossed with something… where a GM wants to run a crossover in his Star Trek campaign. Before I even read the first entry I had my idea, but he’s doing a TNG era game not on the Enterprise.

So, I’ll subject my dear readers to it.

Uhura the Vampire Slayer…where Scotty turns out to have been her watcher all these years waiting just in case the line passed to her.

2 thoughts on “Take that William Shatner

  1. Oh, Sulu is so Xander in this environment. Spock is clearly Willow. Chekhov is Cordie.

    What? Kirk isn't Cordie you say? No, Kirk has to be Oz?

    Why? Because that lets us keep the single most common kind of TOS slash…in fact, the original slash.

    Plus if Sulu is Xander and Chekhov is Cordie we add a new type I can't say I've seen (but that makes sense given what we know about George T).

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