And the stupidity continues…

With Scottsz killing “The Old School Rant”.

Geeze people, this wasn’t even a quality flamewar by Netgoth standards. You’re all a bunch of pathetic at fighting on the Internet. That’s probably a good thing but if you’re going to do something do it well.

I’d like to sentence Scottsz and Michael to a year on Usenet.

What I’d like more is for “Old School Rant” to still be here Saturday and “Chgowiz’s Old Guy Blog” to be back here on Saturday.

No, Scottsz, that doesn’t mean I retract Monday’s opinion. You acted like a child. Big deal, what makes you different from most is you did it on the Internet. Opps…been there done that, still went dancing with them on Friday.

Michael, your stuff rocked. So some people are being asses in TARGA and about TARGA. Fine, dump TARGA but don’t dump writing.

3 thoughts on “And the stupidity continues…

  1. I think Scottsz intends to carry on with the links and drop the ranting shtick. I really hope that is what he intends to do, anyway. Nobody visited my blog before the rant started commenting on it, and now I'm firmly attached, like a lamprey, on the blogrolls of Jeff Rients, Zak Smith, and elsewhere, and I owe it mostly to him. He also turned me on to the larger OSR world. Let's hope Chgowiz and Some King's Kent cool down and come back when they're ready.
    Bugbears. Say it with me. Bugbears.

  2. I'd love for him to keep the ranting. I just think he needs to realize a danger of ranting is he can make an ass out of himself sometimes. Comes with the territory.

    I didn't even know Some King's Kent.

  3. I wrote THIS on my blog four weeks ago . . .

    One of the goals of the OSR is to GROW this hobby.
    That will require appealing to the youth (not just our own children).

    There are few things more repugnant to a teenager
    (I know, I game with them)
    then to see ‘old’ gamers
    (anybody over 30 in their eyes)
    maligning each other.

    It is one thing to critique another’s gaming philosophy or opinion, but it is destructive to our hobby to insult or name-call from the safety
    (distance and anonymity) of the internet.

    “They fight so hard, because the rewards are so small.”

    There is a big emotional disconnect in humans between being told

    ‘I don’t agree with you’ versus
    ‘You are a XXXX’

    The previous tact is especially acceptable if you site facts or examples.
    The latter approach is either an act of cowardice or an involuntary outburst of self-revulsion, although some might call it slander.

    The recruitment potential of ten good posts can be cancelled out by a single childish or petty rant.
    If we lose the youth, it will not be because of lack of intellect, insight or quality products,
    but incivility.

    “I have seen the enemy, it is us.”

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