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  1. I think Nancy Darling is a long-time closet D&D enthusiast. It's had for me to believe she wrote that article after only a few interviews. Actually, I think she'd make a great gamer.


  2. Ms. Darling herself gives us the answer in a response on the comments:

    “As a former wicked science fiction geek, I know from experience that the norms for my friends were really different from the norms for – say – a crowd of popular cheerleaders. I liked my friends better and thought they were more interesting. The cheerleaders liked their friends better, and they thought we were geeks. The point is that different groups of kids tend to have different norms and when a kid is entering a new crowd, that's something to think about. I was happier when my kids moved into band, orchestra, and Academic Challenge teams than I would have been had they decided to hang out with the soccer jocks. “

    She's a geek, and has no problem with her kids being the same. It's sorta like a college professor having no problem with the kids going to the occasional protest–countercultural, but they share her values, so it's ok.

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