Monday Pointers: March 22, 2010 Edition

D4:Lamentations of Conan
James Raggi IV moves one step closer to the killer weird fantasy boxed set by getting Ernie Chan, famous for work on the classic Marvel Conan books, for his boxed set.

D6:Fight On #8 is out
Surrounded on all sides by monstrous aliens, cruel demigods, and ancient lich-kings? Pull out your +4 Plasma Blaster and Fight On! Issue 8, dedicated to cover artist Erol Otus, is ready to ROCK YOUR GAME with new races, classes, spells, tables, gods, monsters, traps, reviews, a ‘desert sandbox’ minicampaign, two longer adventures, eight minidungeons, and lots of other goodies to help you take it to the next level – or stop the PCs from getting there! With art and articles by Erol Otus, Kevin Mayle, Mark Allen, Lee Barber, Peter Jensen, Steve Robertson, Samuel Kisko, Patrick Farley, Robert Lionheart, Ramsey Dow, Jeff Rients, Gabor Lux, Age of Fable, Baz Blatt, Zachary Houghton, Erin “Taichara” Bisson, Del L. Beaudry, Geoffrey O. Dale, Michael Curtis, Tavis Allison, James Maliszewski, Tony Dowler, and many, many more, this issue is jam-packed with the old-school action adventure you crave.
Now when do I get another Knockspell?

D8:Mongoose Runequest II compared to Open Quest
Akratic Wizardry gives a timely comparison of the new MRQ to the OGL ruleset based on their SRD. As someone interested in doing my own boxed set a la the old Worlds of Wonder I really enjoyed this.

D10:Moving from OSRIC to D&D4
MJ Harnish discusses moving his Temple of Elemental Evil campaign from OSRIC to D&D4. It’s worth a read especially if you follow his links to customizing D&D4. Lego games are old school, IMNSHO, to some degree…some more, some less, but as soon as you say “the rules work this way because this is my game happening in my world” you’ve thrown in with the old farts and their disco era ways. What is so destructive in the supplement treadmill if you embrace it all is its greatest virtue if you are willing to cull.

D12:Yeah, that’s metal
The Metal Earth gives us a short gazetteer of a really cool place that scream early 80s heavy metal to me. Part of me wants to steal it and run it but what I really want to do is play in it.

As a parting commentary, I’ve always gotten kind of weirded by OSRIC as a game name. Not only was my favorite AD&D character named Osric (a fighter who didn’t trust magic weapons and armor) but it has been my SCA name for a few months shy of a quarter century. For those wondering how I passed the name of the king in the first Conan movie as an SCA name there was a king of Deira and one of the later united kingdom of Northumbria with the name.

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