Current and Upcoming Games

After over a year of not being a player I’ll have my third session with D&D group this evening. We’re playing Fourth Edition. It’s not horrid, but it’s not D&D as I understand the term. That said, two session have basically been move to a new room, have a battle, and that’s sucked up a whole night.

My campaign prospectus finishes voting tomorrow. Right now Big Rubble and Gates of the Empire are tied with me as the tie breaking vote. Unless we get a new set of votes I’ll be running Big Rubble on Mondays soon. This will be either a Gore or Open Quest game. I’ll be playtesting a lot of ideas and adventures for Plunderers of Troy.

On more remote potentials I have two ideas I’m playing with. I’m trying to get a local Redbox group going monthly. One of my friends in the local music scene wants to get a monthly game going and he wants classic 80s stuff. He might ref or we might trade off. I also wrote up a list of wants and unwants inspired by some fourth edition ideas but it’s not wedded to a system. That said, the local gaming club has people looking for both 3.x and fourth.

So, having gone since September without a game I could have three weeklies and a monthly soon. Life is good.

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