The current TARGA BS

1. I’m very sad to see Chgowiz go…he was in my top ten to read.

2. It appears I wrote my entire response to this thread about “oh noes, we need to be kiddie friendly” already, albeit indirectly, when I wrote about a gilded age.

3. Based on what I’ve seen of Zak and Scottz’s writing, I suspect I’d be more likely to see Miss Manners at Zak’s table. I know I’d find Miss Gothic Manners there.

4 thoughts on “The current TARGA BS

  1. 1. I agree. There are plenty of other folks who should be closing up shop instead. If this is indeed permanent, it's a terrible loss for old-school fantasy gaming, and those responsible for driving Chgowiz's decision should be utterly ashamed of themselves for it.

    3. Agreed, I couldn't help but musing to myself while reading last week's Rant that the author bandied about concepts like behaving like a man while simultaneously (and reveling in the act of) behaving in an immature, uncivilized manner. Real men act civilly and responsibly… not like tantrum-throwing children.

    I honestly cannot imagine myself being more disgusted at human behavior than I am right now…

  2. I honestly cannot imagine myself being more disgusted at human behavior than I am right now…

    Don't worry Christopher, it'll pass. This type of thing pops up regularly. A handful of bitter, twisted types with a grudge and an agenda stir up the pot, a furore erupts, people predict the demise of the OSR, there's some sad fall out (such as Chgowiz) and things settle down.

    People then see the sky hasn't fallen, the creative geniuses and go getters of the OSR get back into it, the magic continues and the OSR keeps on growing. Sadly, I guess the trolls crawl back into their holes, waiting for the next chance to try and sabotage what's good and magical about our community, but they never win.

  3. And TARGA will continue doing good work. Part of that is simply because people are doing what we're about, which is getting people to game and enjoy the OSR. As I've mentioned elsewhere, we've had an uptick of interest in people being regional coordinators, so that's something worthwhile.

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