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  1. Btw, this kind of discussion is where I begin to realize just how radical and unique the group of gamers in Brown University's “FGS” club were during the late 90's. The most popular games in that club were a hybrid on almost all levels; not enough paper, pencil and dice to be tabletop, but not enough costuming to be LARP; no apparent genre, no apparent mechanics… and yet nothing ever seemed like an arbitrary storyteller decision and players rarely floundered from option paralysis from the apparent lack of structure.

    I guess this is why I react so strongly to both the desire to market RPG's to the vido game/TV audience who want something in which they are largely passive participant but also the desire to market RPG's to those who want largely a tactical combat infrastructure. I want to tell stories! Some of the best games I've ever been involved in had almost no armed conflict of any kind!

    While I acknowledge that the war gaming roots of RPG's is both formative and important, I think that the parallel to model railroading and computer hardware is quite apt.

  2. On the first: working on it but had a busy early week.

    The original ptgptb I was not involved with and, to the best of my knoweldge, I'd never seen before this blog.

    There is an discussion here that the tactical focus is NOT a step back to D&D's roots and, to be honest, one that squares with my memories. High tactical simulation is a product of the 80s, not the 70s. To find it scroll down to the part about playing as a strategic challenge.

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