Monday Pointers: March 1, 2010 Edition

D4:Seven Authors of Influence
Influential book and author lists are common among not just RPG blogs or even just blogs. What makes this list different from most RPG lists is most authors aren’t who you’d expect. Sure, Lovecraft and Burroughs show up but so do Aldous Huxley and Emily Bronte. The discussion of Bram Stoker, in particular, convinced me to try and read Dracula again.

D6:Harold and Kumar Go to Gencon
The speculation on your favorites games not listed will occupy hours, trust me.

D8:Mythmere’s Adventure Design Desk Book Vol. I Review
A genre that comes and goes in our hobby is the adventure design book. I’ve got several ranging from old TSR ones to the Rifts Adventure Guide (which is better than it deserves to be). Chogowiz’s review of Mythmere’s guide is excellent as is the adventure shell he produces as an example. Not that I borrowed it or anything.

D10:How to do a High Fantasy Campaign in Seven Episodes
Not a bad outline and there is some discussion on making one with a more open and sandbox feel.

D12:Bene Gesserit Character Class
If I ever do run my mythological space games I’ll be sure to remember this.

D20:It sure beats playing bridge
That’s the last sentence of an editioral from Dragon that Michael at The Society of Torch, Pole, and Rope has reprinted. As you can probably guess it’s about why we play these game after years and for many of us decades. I won’t spoil the whole story because it’s worth reading, but I will say “hell, yeah.”

Nearly a full set this week. We should also see a return of Inspirational Art, a second post on RPG Legos, and another book retrospect, but this time from my personal Appendix N.

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