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Having criticized Dream Pod 9’s PDF pricing and having sent an email to their website’s contact email address with a link to my post I believe I have a responsibility to share the company’s response:

Thank you for the feedback, I’m going to bring up your email and concerns at our next staff meeting on this Monday night. I know we have not touched the price of the old ebooks since they were first put on sale when www.drivethrurpg.com started many years ago and we followed their pricing model at the start. I’ll get back to you later this week and let you know what we decide.

Robert Dubois
President Dream Pod 9

I got that on a Sunday morning. That alone deserves praise. I had figured a response was 50/50 at best and certainly wouldn’t come before the work week.

Second, I think the point about following guidelines from many years ago and not checking them is a satisfying answer. As this is the long tail I doubt a lot of effort is put into analyzing and optimizing sales. Why? In any company that effort would have to justify the cost of analysis and updating. In an RPG company that choice is often one between optimizing the long tail as opposed to producing new product.

That said, the fact that he is bringing it up at a staff meeting when a customer makes it a concern shows a commitment to customer service and an understanding that the analysis might pay off.

I cannot say if DP9 will change their pricing, but I will say their prompt response and willingness to look at it has raised my opinion of the company. Historically that has been neutral to good. My rant wasn’t one of anger but more frustration at a missed opportunity.

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