Inspirational Art: A Child’s Book of Warriors pt. 1

One of my favorite things to have happen while preparing this series of posts is to be surprised. Having done a lot of modern art and planning to do more this week I got a surprise in my inbox.

Steve Poke runs a great public domain art blog and his latest post hit my email today. He presents some plates from a 1907 book A Children’s Book of Warriors. Even better, he provides a pdf of it.

If you like sea battles between Vikings with horns (or wings in this case) on their helmets our first image today is a grand choice for inspiration. Add in the Christian overtones (see the caption) and I see a great battle. Even better, write an adventure or area using this picture’s imagery with the story and settings of Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger (one of the great D&D movies of all time) and you’ve got a winner. Though not quite as inspiring the black and white sea battle is also interesting.

I really recommend heading over to Steve’s site and grabbing the entire book. It’ll be the subject of next week’s Inspirational Art post as well. I think children’s fantasy from the late Victorian and Edwardian eras is a great untapped source of inspiration for D&D and other games.

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