Monday Points: Monday January 26th Edition

D4: James Maliszewski is famous

Over the weekend James M over posted about Grognardia in the LA Times. James asked if he was famous. He’s internet famous and it is well deserved.

The article is also important because it recognizes the creative nature of the tabletop hobby. This difference from World of Warcraft and similar games should be emphasized more.

D6:Scroll of Summoning Aspect of Kurt Russell

If you don’t understand the awesome here all I can say is “You were not put upon this earth to ‘get it’, Mr. Burton”.

D8:Second Edition Rise of the Runelords

While P Armstrong has been posting about this campaign at Ode to Black Dougal he decided it didn’t fit the old blog’s B/X emphasis and gave it a home of its own. Second edition is the only one I haven’t played. I got a campaign started once but it didn’t survive past character creation. I think it is still an OSR version through the kits but not after Skills & Powers. I’d like to play or run it once.

D10:Red Box $CITY Spreads

Red Box Calgary joins Red Box New York and Red Box Vancover. I love these games. Open games for whoever shows up both in terms of DM and players remind me of the Golden Triangle Conflict Gamers in Beaumont, Texas in the late 70s. I’d love to see this spread to even more cities (come 2011 if it doesn’t exist I’ll start Red Box Atlanta).

D12:A Tekumel Conversion I didn’t expect (warning, opens PDF)

I actually have the reprint of the original EPT and all the other published rules I know of but this one I didn’t expect: AD&D second edition. This might be a salable game in terms of finding players. I think I might download it and pass it around. The same site hosts plenty of Tekumel rulesets.

D20:A Week’s Amazon Recommendation to Me

In case you haven’t noticed from the sidebar I’m a big Andre Norton fan. Amazon’s latest recommendation is Search for the Star Stones which reprints two novels concerning Murdoc Jern. It looks like Baen is reprinting a lot of Norton which can’t be a bad thing. For me it’s as good as Paizo’s Planet Stories series.
More roles this week although I did skip one and did a December 32 version of Monday. See you with my dice bag in less than a week.

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