Two TARGA Ideas

Below is the body text of a message I put out on the TARGA list this morning. Given it addresses issues I’ve brought up on this blog I figured posting it here would be worth while as well:

While at the theater to see Avatar I saw two promos that could be of
interest to the TARGA crowd: the remake of Clash of the Titans and the Russel Crowe Robin Hood. Before on the blogs the idea of handing outthe S&W Quckstart at the next Harry Potter movie was bandied about a bit. Why not consider doing the same for either of these movies, but especially Clash of the Titans. Or work with the Mazes and Minotaurs gang to do a version of it aimed at that movie.

Coordinating a “TARGA night at the movies” by gathering PDFs and how to articles (such as how to get your local theater to allow it, how to work with the local Amtgard group’s demo, etc) would, to my mind, be a very useful thing for TARGA to do.

The second idea is official or recommend TARGA table rules. Not game rules, but behavior rules, such as those Chess and Bridge organizations have. We’re not tournament gamers so they wouldn’t need to be as strict. I recently posted on gamer behavior on my blog, following up on some other people’s discussion of it, and got a lot of response. I think this is another area where TARGA could take the lead and help the hobby. Simple things like being out front about not putting up with that one guy at our tables could go a long way in
setting an example.

Questions? Comments?

One thought on “Two TARGA Ideas

  1. Speaking for just myself, and because no other person has commented, I have no interest whatsoever in promoting my enjoyed participation in RPGs in the manner above indicated. I've always felt that such promotion, regardless of its high ideals, does nothing but seek to exploit my activity, and the activity of others who only want to play, and do not want to lobby.

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