3^3 2009: RPG addition

Among my non-RPG blog reading is Hoehn’s Musings. Among his better ideas is his 3^3 word of mouth end of year idea. Check his blog for the full deal, but the basics, modified for the roleplaying game scene, are:

  • Post (preferably in the comment section below or on your own blog) your top 3 favorite things that have helped your RPG experience this year. Your suggestions can be anything. They don’t even have to be things that came out this year; you just have to have fallen in love with them in the last 12 months.
  • For each of your recommendations, you have to sell us on each thing in 3 sentences or less. No paragraphs — just a few sentences. Bonus points if you make it actionable by including a link, which will make it easier for everyone to actually see what you’re talking about.
  • After that, you should ask 3 more people to add to the list. Or you can blog about it and pingback to here.

Rules / Guidelines:

  • No more than 3 things. Think hard about all the stuff you’ve fallen in love with this year and really narrow it down to the best of the best.
  • Be specific. Don’t say things like “Pulp fantasy stories” instead say “I got into Lin Carter’s Jandar stories and have ported the setting over to be my new S&W world”.
  • Give us a link. Where can we find / buy the product you’re recommending? Where can I listen to that song by your favorite band? Can I test out the software you love? Make it easy on us and LINK IT UP!
  • Avoid mainstream recommendations. The OSR already knows that Grognardia is THE OSR blog and Death Frost Doom is the most atmospheric adventure of the decade.
  • NO SELF-PROMOTION OR PROMOTING SERVICES YOU’RE AFFILIATED WITH. If you try to make your recommendations about you, your friend, or your company in any way (“I recommend my blog – I really got into it this year LOL!!1″), you will have officially killed the spirit of this list. I will delete your comment if I get a self-promo vibe from it.

Okay, so what are my 3^3 things that made RPGs better for me this year:

  • A Hamsterish Hoard of Dungeons and Dragons: The only RPG blog I’d willing pay a subscription to is Taichara’s collection of incredibly creative and original magic and monsters (and a few other things). If you absolutely, positively have no idea for a new thing to add to Friday night’s game you can find it with enough flavor to create a plot too.
  • Andre Norton’s Witch World: I originally read the first novel in the series in the seventh grade, which puts it back in 1979-1980. I even own the GURPS world book. But it wasn’t until I grabbed the first six books for a dollar a piece this year and read them that they really took hold. The campaign world I’m working on for next semester (being in a college town, games are semester driven) is a mutant child of it and the assumed setting of AD&D.

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