Inspirational Art: Natalia Pierandrei

This week we return to Deviant Art to find a source of inspiration. A first, however, for the Inspirational Art series is actual RPG art.

Natalia Pierandrei says At the End of the World is “Concept art I’m doing for a RPG set in Victorian Age.” Certainly it’s enough to make me want to check out the project, but then again I have a weakness for Steampunk/Neo-Victorian/Neo-Edwardian settings, especially the kind often seen in anime that unselfconsciously mix magic and multiple technical levels. It’s probably the airship thing.

While she is at Deviant Art I’d suggest following up with Natalia at her own website, A Forgotten Night Tale. She notes she is available for freelance and specifically mentions RPGs. My friends in the OSR who find her work compelling might contact her for that next big thing you’re working on.

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