Inspirational Art: Ursula Verno

I found Ursula Verno when search for artistic inspiration for my Fantasy Nouveau idea. While art nouveau elves and dragons are quite common (the former having helped me find an earlier inspirational art entry) Ms. Verno did something I found interesting: art nouveau orc women. While intriquing they weren’t quite what I was looking for. However, the page had a url for site. Searching the character galleries I found today’s entry for inspirational art. Her notes on the piece indicate I would love to sell prints, but somehow I lost the original file, and the jpg is all that currently remains. Too bad, as I think they’d sell.

Still, we have this great image. I see the last druid of a culture whose waste of the land has left it a desert. She sits as a guardian of a tomb not of some great leader but of her culture’s heritage and the consuming soul that destroyed it.

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