Artistic Inspiration: Frank R. Paul

Amazing Stories: Master Mind of Mars And we have another Barsoom illustration, this one from the Amazing Stories run of Master Mind of Mars by Frank R. Paul. Paul was Amazing’s house illustrator from 1926 to 1929 and did a variety of other magazines as well. His most influential work was illustrating the Buck Rogers comic strip from its beginning in 1929. The visual vocabulary he started would be imitated in the Flash Gordon strip and serials as well as the Buck Rogers serial. He arguably defined what a spaceship would look like until the Enterprise’s silhouette appeared with Star Trek (which was revolutionary in and of itself).

One thought on “Artistic Inspiration: Frank R. Paul

  1. Ooh, I love Paul! One of my earliest visual inspirations was a big hardback book on the history of sci-fi that my Dad owned; it was packed to the gills with tons of amazing Paul illos.

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