Artistic Inspiration: Frank Schoonover’s A Princess of Mars

Dejah Thoris had raised herself upon one elbow and was watching the battle with wide, staring eyes. When I had regained my feet I raised her in my arms and bore her to one of the benches at the side of the room.

While I grew up with the Michael Whelan cover for A Princess of Mars a while back I discover this cover to the first book edition (it originally appeared in All-Story Magazine and fell in love with its style which, like much illustration of the period, showed Pre-Raphaelite and Art Nouveau influences.

Frank Schoonover was an American artist of the grand age of book and magazine illustration. Born in 1877 he would study with the great Howard Pyle and begin an illustrating career in the 1890s. In terms of fantasy art he illustrated King Arthur and the Arabian Knights as well as Burroughs for various publications. He also illustrated a variety of pirate and similar adventure books.

One thought on “Artistic Inspiration: Frank Schoonover’s A Princess of Mars

  1. Man, I love Schoonover! He did a lot of great pirate illustrations for magazine covers too. J.Allen St John's Barsoom illustrations are also some of my favorites. Oh, and Krenkel's black and whites John Carter stuff too!

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