Gaming Update 07/22/2009

Friday night we started the Rolemaster campaign. To say it’s a change from my house ruled LL campaign is an understatement. In three hours of play we basically had a combat after a tiny bit of ship handling. I have an advantage in two players have a set of charters and one has more extensive experience with RM. I let them handle much of the results look up while I ran combat. It got me to thinking of the possible value of Master/Apprentice DM training via pair DMing not unlike pairs programming. Perhaps I’ll write about that or, even better, experiment with it.

Although the situation I was engaged in was somewhat impromptu (actually stolen from The Dice of Life on the same day) reviewing my half-done 5×5 Matrix I was able to fit it in as the first location/event of my one of the plot lines. I have selected a follow-up location for event two in this plot which is also the first location for another.

What’s interesting is all was created on the fly. I had a very high level outline of the setting, a sketch map on one piece of notebook paper, player backgrounds, and a Jeff Rients Alchemical Proposal for allowed rules and fluff (although a bit more expansive given on the rules side given RM). Using the Everchanging Book of Names I’ve added a two places (the island of * and its north eastern port of &) and one NPC (the harbor master #). I kept each on note cards and a sheet of notes which I’ll be typing into my folder for the game.

As an aside I’ve been storing all computer files for the game in a Subversion repository for backup, revision tracking, and general internet accessibility.

I’m better prepared for this Friday and may be engaging one of the characters’ backstory.

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