And now it is for us to continue…

Grognardia is reporting Dave Arneson has passed away.

Yes, there are many of the founding generation left but with Dave’s passing the two names on those little brown books are gone. For a variety of reasons, both fair and foul, Dave’s name is not associated with D&D the way Gary’s is. But certainly in our little community he is remembered.

And we should not forget his passing means the last final burden of duty falls to us. Our creators have left us and now it is for us to continue their creation in a way it hasn’t been yet, not even after Gary died.

As for Dave, I hope that now both he and Gary have gone on to a place where the old wounds are completely healed and they can once again enjoy together the game they gave us. As Scott over at World of Thool pointed out this is a capstone to two bad years but man, that is one hell of a set of tables they can have going up there.

One thought on “And now it is for us to continue…

  1. I hope Dave can get Gary to inject as much role play as rules crunch.

    Removed from the troubles of life, I think that now they are two great tastes that taste great together.

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