My entry in the intro game idea sweepstakes

Since both James have recently argued for an intro boxed set (here and here I’m going to be contrary and say “no, it isn’t”.

What we need is an RPG S&T.

It was James Edward Raggi IV who got me to realize it:

Now I’m envisioning a game book in the form of a magazine, 128 pages, with everything in it, and the Mentzer-style tutorial intro as an attached (centerpiece pull-out?) item. Attach a covermount CD with various optional rules and adventures and idea-builders and maybe historical essays on role-playing and different methods of playing.

Okay, first, imagine all those computer, art, and music mags with DVD ROMS on the cover, especially the ones from the UK (go to the bookstore and check them out if you don’t know what I’m talking about). Imagine his 128 page magazine as one of those.

Re-arrange the content some. Each one has that intro Mentzer booklet in the center, matching the theme of the issue (we could use LL, BRPG, Four Color (the original Marvel had a similar booklet), Mutant Future, and the Star Frontiers clone). The rest of the magazine has a printed version of a bit more than BD&D…maybe levels 1-6, 1-2 full adventures, and those historical essays, an idea builder or two, an interview (every issue needs an interview…learn from music mags), a book column, and some ads.

The cover DVD ROM can have all of the free RPGs from the old school movement and maybe some others (Computer Music has a consistent and growing studio of computer instruments they recycle each much), new adventures, previews of comerical games, a podcast, and so on.

Put it out quarterly and sell it at the major book stores.

The hard part is dice. I’d say that pullout HAS to be d6 only. One, polyhedrons can be off putting. You might be able to include die but even if you can a dice roller can be on the DVD ROM and a pointer to “buy some D&D dice” which most bookstores carry for the full game would be great.

The mags I’m talking about cost $12-$18 here in the US. I think this is doable.

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